Living A Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle.
The Program Has Helped People
Lose weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reverse type 2 diabetes and improved their gut health and auto-immune issues.
Everything You Need To Make Eating Plant-Based Easy & Sustainable.
Plant-Based Meal Plans
 Delicious easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sweets.
Shopping & Prep Lists
Everything is done for you, we've made it super easy.
Nutrition Lessons
You will learn where to get all your nutrients from plants.
Weekly Cooking Classes
Learn to cook plant-based meals in just 15 minutes, + cooking & chef tips.
Daily Q&A's
Get your plant-based questions answered daily by Chef Adam Guthrie.
Move & Pause Routines
You will learn how to move and pause your body for better health.
Develop Healthy Habits
Access the tools to help with creating healthy eating & living habits.
Create Empowering Beliefs
Develop empowering beliefs that pull you towards your health goals. 
Achieve Your Goals
Experience a goal setting process that has helped thousands of people achieve their goals. 

Chef Adam Guthrie Will Guide You To A Healthier Happier You.
Adam understands what it feels like to be unhealthy. At age 39 he was obese and had a heart attack. After the heart attack, Adam immediately went whole food plant-based and in a very short period of time, reversed his heart disease, lost 35kg, no longer needed meds and finished an Ironman Triathlon.
  • Professionally qualified chef.
  • Certificate in plant-based nutrition eCornell.
  • Empowered 1,000's of people to eat plant-based for a healthier, happier life and planet.
Adam Guthrie - Before & After
Step 1
Join The Program
This gives you instant 12 months access to the plant-based meal plans, recipes, nutrition videos, weekly cooking classes, and coaching.

Step 2
Get Support
With weekly cooking classes, coaching calls and daily Q&A to support you on your plant-based journey.

Step 3
Feel Great Again
You will be confidently cooking plant-based meals, have become healthier and gained the energy to live a life you love.
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$ 397 AUD

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Elena Green
Sleeps Better & Has More Energy
"The I Feel Good Program is life changing and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking super health. It is the simplest and most effective approach to health and nutrition that I've experienced. Since joining, my energy levels have improved, I'm sleeping better and exercising more consistently" * 
Sammy Walsh 
Lost Weight & Got Her Self-Confidence Back 
"After the birth of our second child, I felt self conscious, had very low self esteem and I wanted to get back to my pre-baby shape. I've lost 8.5kg, my iron levels have gone up from 7 to 20 and my cholesterol went from 4.3 down to 3.1." *
Toni Lupton
Lost 40kg & Lowered Her Cholesterol
"I've lost 40kg and my cholesterol has dropped from 6.7 to 4.3. I love being involved with such an awesome group of people. No judgement, only encouragement and support. To others out there, just join, reach for your goals and believe me, they will come true." *
Belynda Carrall
Beat Cancer & Has Endless Energy 
"I just got the best news ever!!! My Oncologist has given me the all clear to go live my life cancer free! The I Feel Good Program has seriously changed my life. The results from eating this way have been amazing. Probably one of the biggest highlights apart from being told I've beaten cancer is watching my Oncologist clicking through the results from a full set of bloods (vitamins and minerals included), trying to find something that was not right. She couldn't find a single thing wrong! And then of course, there were my sporting achievements. I love that it only takes a day to recover from a marathon and I'm about to do my first Ironman Triathlon. Thank you ever so much for your guidance and support Adam Guthrie." *
Russell Lowe
Lost 12kg & Lowered His Cholesterol
"My Father suffered from angina from the age of 36 and died at 57. My Mum died of heart disease at 73. My brother had a triple bypass at the age of 56. I didn't want this to be my future. I joined the I Feel Good Program with my wife. My cholesterol has dropped from 6.5 to 2.99 and I have lost 12kg. I no longer have a fear of heart disease. I love the food, I love cooking and I love to encourage others to eat this way to improve their health. I feel awesome every day." *
Julie Lowe
Lost Weight & Reversed Type 2 Diabetes
"I have AF (Atrial Fibrillation) so I used to have heart palpitations all the time, even on medication. I also had high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and was magnesium deficient which made my skin itchy, red, painful and in some areas bleed. Walking was a challenge as I was in so much pain and it would take me 20 minutes just to walk to the letter box. I can't thank Adam Guthrie enough for putting together this life saving program. I now have healthy soft skin, have lost 12kg, no longer have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure and my cholesterol went from 5.37 to 4.3. I still have AF but don't suffer heart palpitations anymore. I now really enjoy walking and cooking because Adam's recipes are so easy to create and are delicious." *

* Individual results may vary.

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