Adam Guthrie & The I Feel Good Story
Here's the story of how one man's heart attack became his mission to inspire others to eat plants-based for a healthier, happier, more sustainable life.
Adam Guthrie
Before & After Heart Attack
Adam Guthrie Was Obese & Has A Heart Attack At Age 39. 
In 2009, Adam Guthrie found himself obese and had a heart attack. Shortly after, he stumbled upon a book and a documentary where plant-based doctors and patients made a compelling argument that eating a whole food plant-based diet could reverse heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.

Adam immediately went whole food plant-based but shared many common fears of others in this position: Will I go hungry eating only plants? Will I get enough protein, calcium and iron? How can I eat this way even if my family don't want to? What about eating out and socialising? Will I be able to make this way of eating sustainable?

By applying his chef skills, studying a certificate in whole food plant-based nutrition and learning from plant-based doctors, Adam was able, in a very short period of time, reverse his heart disease, lose 35kg, no longer need meds and finished an Ironman Triathlon.

 It has forever altered the course of his life.
Adam Commits To Spreading The Word. 
Over the next eight years, Adam immersed himself in the lifestyle and learned about the disease-reversing power of a whole food plant-based diet.

He studied plant-based nutrition at eCornell University. The evidence was clear, yet the overwhelming majority of the population had no idea that this simple way of eating and living could have such a dramatic impact on one's health and even prevent and reverse lifestyle disease.

Adam wanted to share and reach as many people as possible with this information, so in 2013, he put his professional chef skills and nutrition knowledge into action and began creating recipes to share via an app (which had over 500,000 downloads).
The I Feel Good Program Was Born. 
Adam was constantly being asked...

How did you make the change? How did you successfully transition to this way of eating and make it sustainable long term? Do you get hungry eating this way? Where do you get your protein, calcium and iron? What do you do when your family doesn't want to eat this way but you do? How do you eat out  - when traveling and socialising?

To answer those questions and more, Adam created the I Feel Good Program. The program was a hit and most importantly, Adam saw people with lifestyle diseases - take what he had learned and applied it themselves to regain control of their health and their lives.

They lost weight, gained energy, lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol, reversed type 2 diabetes and got relief from auto-immune diseases. It really works.

The I Feel Good Program has grown into a yearly membership subscription where Adam does weekly online cooking classes, group coaching sessions, answers questions daily and has a library of over 600 whole food plant-based recipes. 
We Care About:

  • Eating plants for better health and the health of the environment.
  • Supporting our I Feel Good members and community on their plant-based journey.
  • Spreading kindness, love and happiness in the world.
  • Supporting plant-based nutrition and sustainability courses.
We Believe In:

  • The education of how to practically apply a whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle.
  • The undeniable scientific evidence supporting the benefits of whole-food, plant-based nutrition.
  • Easy, delicious, and enjoyable approach to healthy plant-based eating.
  • The power of community for inspiration and support on your journey to optimal health and a sustainable world.
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