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Do you want to make the second half of life healthier, stronger and more active than before?
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Make The Second Half Of Life Healthier, Stronger And More Active Then Before!
Imagine A Life Where You Feel Healthy Vibrant And Full Of Energy. 
A life were you not only feel good but you are also living your best life.
A life where you can easily prepare delicious, nutritious meals in just 15 minutes, naturally lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and you are healthier, stronger, and more active in your second half of life.
It's not just a dream – it's entirely possible with the right guidance and approach.
In The 7 Day Plant-Based Wellness Program
You will learn how to transform your health, lose weight and feel great with:
  • My "I Feel Good Plate Method" so you can make delicious nutritionally balanced whole food plant-based meals in 15 minutes or less.
  • My "I Feel Good Daily Move" a gentle approach for improving heart health, build strength and improving balance so that you can reach and maintain a healthy body weight without doing strenuous workouts.
  • My "I Feel Good Daily Pause Technique" so that you can reduce your stress, improve sleep and boost your digestion.
  • Plus I give you a "Done-For-You" 7 day whole food plant-based meal plan and shopping list so you can start your health transformation with ease.
How It Works...
  • 7 Days of quick and easy 15 minute whole food plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that will give you more energy and kickstart you journey to better health.
  • Daily bite size 10 to 20 minute pre-recorded classes that will teach you about plant-based nutrition and how to live a healthier lifestyle that can make the second half of your life healthier, stronger and more active than ever before.
  • Daily 15 minute pre-recorded cooking classes for lunch and dinner designed to inspire and show you how easy it is to cook healthy meals for weight loss and better health.
  • Life Time Access to the "7 Day Plant-Based Wellness Program" inside the online training portal and App.
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Lifetime Access: To the "7 Day Plant-Based Wellness Program
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Hi, my name is Adam Guthrie
I'm a professionally qualified chef and yoga teacher with certificate in plant-based nutrition.
I know exactly how it feels to be unhealthy because at age 39 I found myself obese and I had a heart attack.
I'm now 53 and I've maintained my healthy weight for over 10 years. I am off all medications and I am more active now than I ever have been in my life. I even did an Ironman Triathlon and I have never felt better!
When I was laying in the hospital bed after the heart attack, the nurse told me... "You are one of the lucky ones, only 40% of people survive a heart attack. You've been given a second chance".

That prompted me to question my life. I contemplated what if I hadn't made it? Was I happy with the way I had been living my life? Had I pursued the life I had always envisioned for myself?

The answers that surfaced were disheartening. And within that moment I realised that I had to "make a change". I had to recreate myself, my health, my approach to life and start pursuing the life I always wanted to live.

In the beginning I found it so confusing trying to figure out how to regain my health and make a healthy lifestyle sustainable. There were so many conflicting beliefs about health and nutrition.

But through trial and error, lots of study and putting my professional chef skills to good use. I eventually worked it out and it all came together.

So many people began commenting on how much younger and healthier I looked and wanted to know how I did it.

I started putting everything I had learned into a program and over the past 5 years, that program has transformed the lives of 1000's of people. During that time I've learned so much about how to teach this lifestyle to accelerate results.

So I've upgraded my original program and created the 7 Day Plant-Based Wellness Program.

It makes it faster to learn how to eat and live a healthy whole food plant-based lifestyle.

Plus I've made it a price everyone can afford.

Over the Past 5 Years I've Helped 1000's Of People To Transform Their Health And I'd Like To Help You Too!
Normal Price:  $97
Limited Time - Just $27
(Price Is Australian Dollars)
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