Whole Food Plant Based Program
Transform Your Health, Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Feel Good
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I Feel Good
Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle Program

This program will give you all the tools you need to transform your health, lose weight, maintain your body weight, gain energy, improve athletic performance, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent and reverse lifestyle disease plus make you feel good. It helps you fast track your results!
You Get 12 Months Access To Whole Food Plant Based Recipes & Meal Plans, Online Training, Group Coaching & Support
Your 12 months membership gives you access to:
4 week whole food plant based kickstart program:
  • easy, delicious and incredibly healthy whole food plant based meals.
  • weekly shopping lists to make it super easy for you to have the right foods in your kitchen.
  • prep ahead guides to save cooking time during the week.
  • thermo cooking conversions for all recipes.
Plant based nutrition videos:
  • Protein.
  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Plus many more that will teach you all that you need to know.
Weekly live group coaching calls to teach you how to:
  • easily eat this when you are super busy.
  • eat this way even when others in your house don't want to.
  • eat out and when travelling.
  • get kids eating more plants.
  • overcome sweet and food cravings.
  • make it sustainable.
  • over 400 delicious whole food plant based (no oil) recipes.
  • fortnightly online cooking classes.
  • an amazing support community.
  • goal setting and beliefs workshops.
  • movement, meditation and breathing work to create more balance in your life.
Meet Your Coach
Adam Guthrie founder of the I Feel Good Program, thriving after a heart attack at age 39.
Adam Guthrie is a professionally trained chef with a certificate in plant based nutrition. At age 39 Adam had a heart attack. He was 110kg (240lb), depressed and unfulfilled.

The heart attack was a wake-up call, he realised that he needed to change and he wanted to change.

As a result, he discovered a simple, natural way of eating and living that helped him get off medication, lose 30kg (66lb) and gain enough energy to do an Ironman Triathlon.

Adam is the founder of The I Feel Good Program, which has helped hundreds of people transform their health with a plant based diet. Adam also is the vegan food writer for the national magazines, EatWell and Nourish and has been feature on ABC, the Osher Gunsberg podcast, Plant Proof podcasts and other media.

Success Stories
Hundreds of people just like you have transformed their health on the
I Feel Good Program

* Individual results may vary

"I can't tell you all what a wonderful morning I had at the doctors. I couldn't keep up with her questions about you Adam Guthrie. She was very impressed with the program and asked if she could join which was very rewarding in its self. She was over the moon with my results and said I was unrecognisable and doesn't want to see me for 6 months. I'm now off all medication. I'm on cloud 9 Adam Guthrie. Who would of thought I would be feeling this healthy in 7 mths. Weight loss as of today 26.3kg, I FEEL GOOD. To all of you keep going on your journey and every day is a knew day.

12 months on and my cholesterol has dropped from 6.7 to 4.3 and weight loss 35kg and boy am I'm excited to have had the privilege to be involved in such an awesome group of people. No judgement, only encouragement and support all the way. To others out there just join, reach for you goals and believe me they will come true. Thank you to Adam Guthrie and all involved in I Feel Good." - Toni Lupton

"My blood pressure medications had to be adjusted by my doctor from 240ml to 180ml because it went from 132/80 to 115/55 in just 4 weeks. My total cholesterol dropped from 4.1 to 3.8. I lost weight, and have more energy and feel happier."  - Bruce Raymond - Retired Boss Of Quiksilver International
"I had type 2 diabetes, within in 9 weeks of doing the I Feel Good Program my doctor said I have no signs of type 2 diabetes, I lost 12.5kg, reduced my cholesterol from 6.7 to 4.8 and lowered my blood pressure. 12 months later I still don't have type 2 diabetes and have maintained my health weight and good health" - Trevor Birkbeck
Here Is What You Get Access To For 12 Months

Over 500 delicious no oil recipes and weekly meal plans with shopping and prep list.

Fortnightly online cooking classes with qualified chef Adam Guthrie

As an IFeelGooder you are never alone. You will be supported every step of the way.

Lose Weight Gain Energy, Feel Good & Transform You Life

Join the hundreds who've already transformed their health and lives. Every week we see members who have lost weight, lowered their cholesterol and blood pressure, reverse type 2 diabetes, doctors taking them off medications, getting relief from arthritis and gut issues and increasing their energy levels.

Seeing the positive impact the program has had on our members lives is the sole reason for doing what we do in
I Feel Good Program.

"This is not a traditional health program. It's an education in whole food plant based living, cooking, eating and nutrition. A place where you get the support to make this lifestyle sustainable and be able to eat more food than you ever thought possible and still lose weight and prevent and reverse disease." Adam Guthrie, Founder of I Feel Good.

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Customer Success Stories...
"I feel really great. I have lost weight and my stomach is so much flatter. My skin, which is acne prone, looks wonderful. Not a zit in sight! This is a supportive, fun, and knowledgeable program to get you onto the road of health, energy and well-being by eating a whole foods diet that is absolutely DELICIOUS. Extremely affordable. Best thing I've done for myself in a long time." - Nancy Sosnowoski
"The program was a real eye opener and taught me a lot of new healthy food/diet habits! Within four weeks my cholesterol went from 5.3 to 4.5, LDL from 2.9 to 2.4, HDL 2.1 down to 1.9" - Nina Mills
"I feel more authentic, conscious and motivated about the future. losing the weight and being lighter than I have been in 25 years is definitely the result I'm most proud of. In 4 weeks my cholesterol went from 5.1 to 3.9 and weight went from 95kg to 90.5kg. If you want to feel much better, lose weight, gain energy and overcome or improve a long list of health issues then TRY THIS!" - Warwick Burgess
"My Psoriasis has gone after 30 years! My cholesterol has dropped, I have more energy, feel more in control of my choices around food and just feel better all round. my friends can see how it's changed my appearance and I have had a lot of people enquiring about what I'm doing." - Julie Blake
"I lost 14kg, reversed my Type 2 Diabetes, and reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol." - Trevor Birkbeck
"My skin condition healed, my cholesterol improved from 5.37 to 4.36. My blood pressure was 144/90 with heart and blood pressure tablets, now it's 110/70 with no tablets, I've reduced my waist by 8cm and reversed type 2 diabetes." - Julie Lowe
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