The I Feel Good Plant Based Meal Plans Take The Guesswork Out Of What To Cook For Dinner.

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All Meals Are 100% Plant Based and made with whole foods,
limited processed ingredients and omit oils.

“I recently turned to a plant-based diet as a means to lose weight, regain energy and do my bit towards animals and the environment. Frankly, I thought switching to a plant-based diet would be daunting, thinking that my diet would be restricted to soups and salads. This publication was a life-saver. Not only do the dishes look appetizing, the recipes are easy to follow with step-by-step videos and clear instructions. The ingredients are also easily available in the local food markets. The dishes are extremely tasty, so much so that I’m not missing meat at all. I even managed to get my husband hooked!”
— muscatella

Here's Whats In Each Weeks Meal Plan...

5-Day Weeknight Meal Plan

Take the guesswork out of what to cook for dinner. You receive a 100% plant-based meal plan with 5 delicious easy to prepare weeknight meals filled with tons of vibrant colourful veggies that are bursting with delicious bold flavours.

Each meal has a beautiful photograph that makes it easy to visualise what you are creating and a printable recipe. Most meals can be made in 30 minutes or less. They are made with whole foods, limited processed ingredients and omit oils.

“Love the recipes. I have tried four of the recipes and they have all been seriously delicious and very easy. They’re good enough to find in any restaurant. I spend 3-4 hours a day travelling to and from work and have still been able to make these recipes after work for a quick dinner. The presentation of the videos and little books is highly professional. I love the health articles with each episode. Just enough info to consider in my busy life before the next booklet comes out. We don’t have a strictly vegan (or even vegetarian) diet, but for the first time ever these recipes match up to some of my favourite meat dishes. 99% loved product!”
— Firnona

Cooking Video Tutorials

Each recipe has a 1 to 2 minute easy to follow video tutorial to showing you how to make each meal.

The video's help clarify the instructions and make learning a recipe super easy.

“My favorite meal plan. I usually don’t say I am a vegan because I will occasionally eat meat or dairy in a restaurant or when someone is cooking for me, but for the last year I have cooked exclusively vegan. This magazine has made that transition so easy. I don’t always cook all five meals, but I save my favorites to my pinterest account so I can refer to those later. The food is tasty, easy to prepare, and the videos help too if you have any questions. I like the teaching videos too.”
— Interiorcastle

Shopping List

We've done the planning so you don't have to! Download your printable shopping list with all the ingredients you need for each week’s meal plan. It saves you time at the store, minimises impulse purchases and reduces food waste. The recipes are made with every day ingredients that can be found in regular supermarkets and health food stores.

Serving sizes are for four, so if you are cooking for two simply halve the quantity. If cooking for one, divide the ingredients by four. The portions are generous, so be sure to keep those tasty leftovers for lunch!


“I don’t like to cook dinner. If I were cooking for only myself, I’d boil pasta and open a jar of sauce probably every night. But, I have become aware of the importance of my health and certainly want to feed my family well. The options and instructions found in the hundreds of pages of recipe books are mind boggling for me...and the multitude of ideas on the net are overwhelming too. This meal plan has helped me immensely by giving me 5 options of easy-to-prepare and tasty meals each week. I love this meal plan and recommend it to my friends often.”
— DuBandman

Weekly Prep List

The weekly prep list is designed to help you get these delicious healthy home-cooked meals on the table super fast.

It guides you through advance preparation, so you can save valuable time on those nights that you leave work late and arrive home with a growling stomach and a hungry family but little energy to cook.

Spending an hour or two on the weekend preparing the stables for the week will make your weeknight cooking so much faster.

The I Feel Good Weeknight Meal Plans are a practical way to help you transition to a whole foods plant-based diet, a way of eating that can help you lose weight, prevent and reverse disease, increase energy and feel good.

Meal Plan At A Glance

This is a great daily reminder of what's for dinner each night. Print and place on your fridge. Then track your progress by ticking off when you've printed your shopping list, been shopping and done your weekly prep.

Meal Plan At A Glance I Feel Good.jpg

“I had to change my husband to a plant based diet for medical reasons and these meal plans have been my inspiration and life saver.”
— Jacqui

A Link To A Plant Based Nutrition Video From A Plant Based Doctor/Expert

To help you understand the why as well as the how, each week we feature a world leading plant based doctor.

We provide a link to one of their youtube or TEDx video lectures, their website and their books.

That way you can learn the science behind a whole food plant based diet. A way of eating that can prevent and even reverse heart disease, diabetes, auto immune diseases and obesity. 

“I love the variety and taste of these recipes. They have helped me make delicious plant based food that my family enjoys.”
— Soren

The I Feel Good Community

Surround yourself with a group of supportive like minded people. In The I Feel Good Facebook Community you will be able to:

  • Connect with people all over the world who are also interested in living a whole food plant based lifestyle.

  • Share ideas, encourage, support, motivate and help each other out. 

  • Attend a weekly group live Q&A coaching call with Adam Guthrie.

  • Access local, face-to-face meetups (if one is available in your country).

  • Harness the collective power of the community to guide you on your way to eating and living healthier.

I Created These Meal Plans To Help Me Recover From A Heart Attack

Adam Guthrie

By eating these meals I was able to got off all medications, lose 30kg and do one of the toughest endurance events in the world, an Ironman Triathlon. I share these meals with you as a practical tool so that you too may have an opportunity to heal your body, gain energy and feel good.

As A Subscriber You Receive:

I Feel Good Meal Plan Header.jpg
  • A 5-Day Weeknight Meal Plan Every Week

  • Printable Recipes & Beautiful Photos Of Each Dish

  • Cooking Video Tutorials For Every Recipe

  • Shopping List With All The Ingredient For The Week

  • Weekly Prep List To Ensure Dinner Is On The Table Super Fast

  • Meal Plan At A Glance A Great Reminder Of What's For Dinner Each Night

  • A Link To A Plant Based Nutrition Videos From A Plant Based Doctor/Expert

  • Access To The I Feel Good Facebook Community For Support & Extra Learning

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“Fantastic! Thank you!! I have a lot of apps for cooking and this format is unquestionably one of the best. You don’t need to be a vegan/plant based to subscribe to this, it’s for anyone who is looking for nutritious, easy, and creative recipes to add to their repertoire weekly or whenever. I am a herbivore with carnivore friends and family and some “new to” and curious friends whose biggest questions always are “How do you cook?” “What will I eat?” and, if I am lucky, “What can I cook for you?”. I send them right here or I email them a fav recipe from here...or send them one of the educational videos. Even as a well seasoned vegan and one who follows “a low/no fat plant based diet, I get wonderful easy and nutritious recipes and inspiration from this meal plan....weekly. The photography, how to videos for each recipe, there are 5 new ones per week, and the educational videos provided at the end of each weekly digital issue are fantastic. Right now I am cruising aboard our boat and plan to make the sweet potato eggless frittata for dinner this eve. I don’t know how they do it, but I hope they do it forever...just the way they are now!”
— Bruna