What Is The I Feel Good Plant Based Retreat?

The I Feel Good Whole Food Plant Based Retreat offers you quality time to relax, disconnect from the pressures of daily life, seek positive change and learn how to eat, move and pause in ways that create sustainable long term health. I’ve created this retreat in two really beautiful relaxing and healing location, Byron Bay and Bali. This is a truly immersive, relaxing and transformative experience.

Limited To Only 10 People

Hi I’m Adam Guthrie

At 39 years old, I had a Heart Attack. I was overweight, unfulfilled and depressed. Then I discovered a simple natural way of eating and living that helped my get off all medication, lose 30kg (66lb) and gain enough energy to do an Ironman Triathlon.

I spent the 1st year after the heart attack getting healthy and then the next 6 years discovering how to maintain health. I’ve now been able to maintain good health, stay off medications and keep a healthy body weight for more than 7 years!

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I’m also a Professionally Qualified Chef, have a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition and am EatWell Magazines vegan food writer/chef. I’m the founder of one of the top plant based meal plan apps in itunes and have helped thousands of people learn how to cook and live a healthy whole food plant-based lifestyle for better health.

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BEFORE & AFTER - Adam Guthrie

I’ll Be Sharing Years Of Experience Living A Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle With A Very Small Group Of People Who Want To Improve Their Health.

If you want to improve your health, lose weight, gain more energy and see better results at the doctor’s office, I can help you. With my help, many people have lost weight, gained energy, reduced their blood pressure and cholesterol and feel more in control of their health.

“We are constantly bombarded with information about diet and nutrition, mostly about isolated ingredients which are deemed bad for us but it is all very confusing. At the retreat Adam introduces the concept of a WFPB lifestyle which he says will make us feel good. His main focus is on nutrition but he is obviously so grateful for discovering this way of eating and living that he feels obliged to pass on the message. He backs up everything with enthusiasm, experience and evidence. His cooking classes are fantastic and the food is delicious. I can attest that you will feel good taking Adams advice.”
— Mary Coffen

No Matter How You Feel, You Have The Power To Change Your Health.

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learn How To eat
foR health & Vitality

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Learn How to move
for Sustained energy 

I Feel Good 21 Day Program

Learn how to Pause
For Peace & Wellbeing

I Feel Good Plant Based Health Retreat

Limited To Only 10 People

How You Can Benefit From The I Feel Good Retreat



At the retreat you will experience what it’s like to live a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle. A way of eating that has been shown to prevent and even reverse heart disease, diabetes and and autoimmune diseases. You will learn everything you need to know about this way of eating and living to easily incorporate it into you life for better health, energy and vitality.



Learn and apply the I Feel Good 3 Daily Actions and the 10 Principles of Healthy Eating. Learn about plant based nutrition. Do a plant based shopping tour so you know how to shop for whole plant based ingredients. Discover ways to move you body to create more energy and feel good. Learn simple pause techniques that help you experience more peace and wellbeing. Overcome emotions and thoughts that prevent you from experiencing good health.



Discover how to prepare quick and easy whole food plant-based meals that nourish your body and support health. Each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) is a cooking class. After the class we all sit down together and enjoy a lovely meal. You will also learn how to equip your plant based kitchen and know how to prepare staple recipes that make eating this way super easy. All Meals Are 100% Whole Food Plant Based And Contain No Oil.



Experience the simple transformational daily practices that give you clarity, keep you focused on health and allow you to experience love, happiness and gratitude daily.



You will have plenty of time to read, sleep, get a massage, sit on the beach, swim in the warm blue ocean, exploring Bali or Byron Bay, watch a stunning sunset, or just hang out and chat with new like minded friends.



One-to-One plant based health coaching and mentoring with me, where we address your foremost lifestyle and healthy eating challenges and concerns. I’ll give you the guidance and feedback you need to create positive changes in your health and happiness.



Return home with a precise and detailed Plan of Action, designed specifically for you to help you easily incorporate a whole food plant based lifestyle into your life, so you can experience better health, more energy and consistently feel good!

I Feel Good Plant Based Health Retreat

Limited To Only 10 People

What Others Say About The I Feel Good Programs & Events!

Amazing and life changing, how to live life deliciously!
— Natalie Homer
Great recipes, terrific tasty food thats good for you!
— Kate Davidson
Enlightening, quick, easy, tasty and good food!
— Maureen Groube
Very educational, immense value, learnt to appreciate whole foods and simplify my cooking for good health!
— Leah Mireylees

Your I Feel Good Plant Based Health Retreat Includes:

 One-To-One Coaching with Adam Guthrie


Cooking Classes & Demonstartions

Plant Based Lifestyle Workshops

Transformational Morning Practice

Rest & Relaxation

Energising Daily Practices

All Delicious, Healthy Meals - 100% Whole Food Plant Based

A couple other surprises

Not Included

Transport To The Retreat Venue

Cancellation Policy
There Are No Refunds, however if for any reason you can not make it, you can have someone take your place at the retreat.

I Feel Good Plant Based Health Retreat

Limited To Only 10 People

If You Want Better Health You Must Make A Change!

Everybody talks about how they want better health, they want to have more energy, they want to be healthier, they want to be happier. Everybody talks the talk but few people walk the walk. Are you are one of the few that do, rather than the many that talk. I know this retreat will be life changing for you.

What’s more important than your health? What’s more important than your energy? What’s more important than feeling good? You’re never going to live the life you want if you are unhealthy, tired and exhausted. Life is not good when you are sick and in pain. 

Take the time to reclaim your health and build your energy. It’s time to shift everything and figure out how to eat and live in a way the creates sustainable long lasting health. What stops us from creating health is convenience. If there is ever a time when you need this the most, it’s in these times when we are suffering from a health problem, or have a lacking energy.

I’ve created this retreat in two really beautiful relaxing and healing location, Byron Bay and Bali. These retreats will help you take control of your health. If you would to like experience that in a beautiful place, and you want to give yourself that gift, then now is the time. It's time to move forward and improve your health.

I Feel Good Plant Based Health Retreat

Limited To Only 10 People

If you have any questions, just email us at info@ifeelgood.com.au