What Is The I Feel Good 4 Week Program?

The I Feel Good 4 Week Program is a whole food plant based online course which teaches you how to eat and live a whole food plant based lifestyle. It helps you develop healthy habits and build long-term, sustainably change – all while learning to cook delicious, nutritious, every day meals that ultimately help create a healthier, happier you.

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Adam Guthrie - Before & After heart attack

I Created The Program Because People Always Ask Me... 

"Adam, how to did you make the change? How did you go from being overweight and having a heart attack at the age of 39. To losing 30kg, getting off all medications and then do one of the toughest endurance events in the world, an Ironman triathlon? "

"And how have you been able to maintain that good health, remain off medications and keep a healthy body weight for more than 7 years?"

To Answer Those Questions, I Created The I Feel Good 4 Week Program!

It's the program I wish I had to help me understand and implement this powerful healthy way of eating and living that's been shown to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and obesity. Plus make you feel amazingly good!

The program teaches you what a whole food plant based diet is, how easy it is to incorporate into your life, and how you can make it a sustainable habit.

What's In The Program?

Week1: Kickstart Week: 
There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. We know we should eat less sugar, eat less meat, eat more vegetables and stop eating processed junk food. We know we should exercise more and get more sleep. But it’s so tough to get ourselves to do that unless we tackle the problem with the right strategy. Kickstart week is all about teaching you the right strategy, learning how healthy people think. We will also get your kitchen and pantry set up for the weeks ahead.

Weeks 2, 3 & 4:
Each week you will receive a weekly meal plan with detailed shopping list, weekly food preparation list and daily recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I take you on a tour of my kitchen, you get to peek into my fridge and pantry. I take you on a shopping tour and teach you how to do weekly patch cooking. You receive daily video lessons about plant based nutrition - protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals, fats and oils, carbs and sugars, calorie density and fibre. Plus a a fun and enjoyable daily move program, to help you gain energy and feel good. I also teach you a transformational daily morning practice that will help you experience more peace, balance and wellbeing throughout your day.

How You Can Benefit From The Program

No More Guessing: 
I'll will show you exactly what you need to do to get results. I provide you with detailed meal plans and shopping lists. I teach you how to set up your plant based kitchen, how to prepare, cook and batch cook delicious whole plant foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Whether you are cooking for one, four or more I have you covered.

Everything Starts With A Thought: 
Learn exactly how to think to break down your old habits that are holding you back – and how to replace them with healthier new thoughts, habits and beliefs. There is so much more to being healthy than just eating and moving.

Feel Good: 
You will learn fun and easy ways to move that make you feel good. No matter where you are or what you have access to, you can always move your body (no excuses!). Adam gives you a clear plan to keep you on track and to measure your progress.

Pausing is not often included in a health program, but it’s essential for good health. You will learn a simple morning transformational practice that will help you get clear about what’s important to you and provide you with a greater feeling of balance, peace and wellbeing.

Imagine This… After 4 Weeks Of Living The I Feel Good Plant Based Lifestyle

– Being able to easily cook simple, quick, delicious healthy recipes for dinner when you get home from work.

– Feel confident and in control of your health.

– Knowing how to confidently cook for one without waste or eating the same meal every night of the week.

– Bumping into a friend and they’re amazed by how great you look!

– Knowing how to batch cook to make eating healthy quick and easy throughout the week.

– No longer crave food or think about unhealthy choices.

– Having the energy to play with your kids or grand kids.

– Knowing how to cook healthy plant based meals for yourself while still being able to easily feed the meat eaters in your home.

– Losing weight while being able to eating carbs and knowing how to bulk out meals so you never feel hungry.

– Sleep well and wake up feeling energised.

– Being able to make delicious meals with readily available ingredients as opposed to the latest trendy “Superfoods”.

– Maintaining a healthy body weight while getting enough protein and all the other nutrients you need.

– Feel better emotionally and mentally.

– Being able to make healthy meals even if you work long hours and have very little time to prepare and cook.

– Having a repertoire of child friendly whole food plant based meals that the whole family loves.

– Knowing how to replace dairy in your family favourite recipes like lasagna, potato bake, pastas and salads.

– Having the energy to try that new hobby you’ve wanted to explore.

– Having a bunch of delicious healthy plant based recipes that are made with minimal ingredients.

– A stronger, healthier, happier more inspired you.

– Feeling balanced, centered, fit and healthy, ready for life’s challenges and rewards.

– Excelling at work or in your business because you finally have the energy and mental focus to go after your goals.

I run the 4 Week I Feel Good Program three times  a year. As a group, we start together and  finish together!

The Program Is $199

If you want to learn how to eat and live a whole food plant based diet for better health and to feel good. Then please register you interest below and I'll contact you when I'm about to open registration for the next program!