Prepare Delicious Plant Based Meals

Stay Focused & Motivated

Sustain Good Health & Wellbeing 

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Are You Struggling to Eat Healthy?

  • Are you lacking energy?

  • Do you need to lose weight?

  • Are you confused by all the health messages?

  • Do you have heart disease?

  • Is your cholesterol or blood pressure high?

  • Are you diabetic?

  • Do suffer from an autoimmune disease?

  • Are you having trouble sleeping?

I Feel Good Has Help People

  • Lose weight from 2kg to 30kg

  • Reverse heart disease

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Reverse Type 2 diabetes

  • Clear up skin conditions

  • Gain energy

  • Feel good

  • Develop healthy eating habits

  • Stay focused and motivated

  • Get back on track when off track

  • Become more confident in the kitchen

How It Works

The I Feel Good Hub is an online membership portal with all the tool and resources you need to easily go plant based. Inside you will find, cooking classes, digital cookbooks and meal plans, kickstart programs, cooking school, inspiring interviews, coaching, guidance and support, and a community of awesome like minded people traveling the same journey.

STEP 1: Start Learning 

Commence the 4 Week Kickstart Program, it's your fast start to good health. Over four weeks you will learn exactly what a healthy whole food plant based diet and lifestyle is and be experiencing the health benefits.

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STEP 2: Receive Coaching & Support

Join the weekly live video coaching calls, they give you motivation and inspiration while you overcome struggles and hurdles as you begin your transition to plant based living.

Plus receive daily guidance, mentoring and coaching via the private facebook group. You can ask any question and receive answers. You will also meet inspiring, fun like minded friends on the same journey.

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Step 3: Maintain Your new Healthy Habits & Lifestyle

Begin using the weekly meal plans. Delicious, quick and easy weeknight meals, printable recipes, beautiful photos of each dish, video tutorials, shopping list, prep list and a meal plan at a glance so you can easily see what's for dinner.

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From 110kg & A Heart Attack At Age 39 To Ironman Triathlete

  Adam Guthrie

Founder of I Feel Good, Adam Guthrie went from Heart Attack to Ironman.

Adam is a professionally train chef and at age 39 had a heart attack. He was 110kg (240lb), depressed and unfulfilled. The heart attack was a wake up call, not only did it make him realise that he needed to change but he wanted to change. As a result he discovered a simple natural way of eating and living that helped him get off all medication, lose 30kg (66lb) and gain enough energy to do one of the toughest endurance events in the world, an Ironman Triathlon. 

Start Your Plant Based Journey Now To Better Health

Join as an annual member and save 50%

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Here are just a few of the people I Feel Good has helped

Nina Mills Testimonial.jpg

Nina Mills said... "The program was a real eye opener and taught me a lot of new healthy food/diet habits! Within four weeks my cholesterol went from 5.3 to 4.5, LDL from 2.9 to 2.4, HDL 2.1 down to 1.9"

Nancy Sosnowski Testimonial.jpg

Nancy Sosnowski said... "I feel really great. I have lost weight and my stomach is so much flatter. My skin, which is acne prone, looks wonderful. Not a zit in sight! This is a supportive, fun, and knowledgeable program to get you onto the road of health, energy and well-being by eating a whole foods diet that is absolutely DELICIOUS. Extremely affordable. Best thing I've done for myself in a long time."

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Trevor Birkbeck was Type 2 diabetic, here are his results after  7 weeks on The I Feel Good Program...

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12 weeks later, Trevor is off all medication and is no longer diabetic.

Julie Lowe I feel Good Plant Based Program Before And After.jpg

Julie Lowes skin conditioned healed, her cholesterol improved from 5.37 to 4.36. Her blood pressure was 144/90 with heart and blood pressure tablets, now it's 110/70 with no tablets and she reduced her waist by 8 cm.

Bruce Raymond Before & After.jpg

Bruce Raymond (retired managing director of Quiksilver international) had to have his blood pressure medications adjusted by his doctor from 240ml to 180ml because it went from 132/80 to 115/55 in just 4 weeks. His total cholesterol also dropped from 4.1 to 3.8. He also lost weight, has more energy and feels happier.”

Karen Cornish I Feel Good Plant Based Program Before and after.jpg

Karen Cornish said this... “From day one I have loved the program. It was even easy to do while traveling and the food tastes wonderful. I’ve lost 12kg, I started the program at 107kg I’m now 94kg (in just 12 weeks). I’ve done the Michelle Bridges, Jenny Craig and many other programs but nothing has stayed. It is the support of Adam and the other people in this program that has and is making this sustainable. The support is amazing! With every other diet or lifestyle change I’ve made I’ve always felt deprived and not once on this program have I felt that I’ve missed out on something.”

Warwick Burgess Testimonial Image.jpg

Warwick Burgess said... "I feel more authentic, conscious and motivated about the future. Losing the weight and being lighter than I have been in 25 years is definitely the result I'm most proud of. In 4 weeks my cholesterol went from - 5.1 to 3.9 and my weight went from 95KG  to 90.5 KG. If you want to feel much better, lose weight, gain energy and overcome or improve a long list of health issues then TRY THIS!"

Julie Blake Testimonial Image.jpg

Julie Blake said... "My Psoriasis has gone after 30 years! I have more energy, feel more in control of my choices around food and just feel better all round. My friends can see how it's changed my appearance and I have had a lot of people enquiring about what l'm doing. It's affordable to join and there is amazing support."

Start Your Plant Based Journey Now To Better Health

Join as an annual member and save 50%

$16.95 month I feel Good Plant Based Program.jpg


$99 per year I feel Good Plant Based program.jpg

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